Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google Page Creator: Akhirnya.....Oooops!

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Setelah sebelumnya saya baca pemberitahuan bahwa (pada akhirnya) Google Page Creator sudah bisa digunakan (meskipun belum dibuka untuk umum), saya harus kecewa bahwa untuk sementara Google Page Creator belum bisa mendukung Opera. Sepertinya saya harus beralih ke Firefox atau kembali lagi menggunakan IE.

Tepat sebulan setelah launchingnya (baca mengenai ini di artikel mengenai Google Page Creator tanggal 24 Februari 2006), akhirnya Google memberitahukan bahwa saya sudah bisa menggunakan Page Creatornya. Tepat di saat saya sepertinya sudah tidak memerlukannya lagi :(

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in Google Page Creator. We appreciate your patience, and we're excited to tell you that we enabled your account today, so you can start making pages now! To get started, head over to and sign in with your Gmail password. We haven't opened up Google Page Creator to everybody yet, so you'll see a message on our home page saying that accounts are unavailable — you can just ignore that.

Google Page Creator is an experiment on Google Labs. Google Labs is where we put projects before they're ready for prime time so that we can start getting feedback from our users. So, please, tell us what you think, what features we should add, what problems you're experiencing, or anything else that can help us make Google Page Creator a better tool for you. We're listening.

This is the only email we'll be sending you — unless you'd like to receive updates in the future.

— The Google Page Creator team

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